1. Requesting your goodself to clear my doubts regarding the encroachment of house sites for the purpose rural road construction under PMGSY, is there any compensation will be given for the encroached piece of land. Because most of the people of rural area are are landless agriculture labourers having a small thatched roof within the limited space. If a part of this land is encroached for the said purpose, will it be compensated.?? Anticipating your positive gestuers in this regard.
    In my area the ground works are going on and they demanding the part of the land for widening the road and without leaving the space for the drainage. is there any technical guidlines for these proposed roads and regarding compensation ??

  2. Dear Sir,
    We would like to inform that in our area which have 300 to 350 population and have so many small villages like chair Malla, chair Talla, Ambedkar gaon,Mangli gaon, Kuldhar, etc which comes under Pauri Garhwal District Uttrakhand have no any transportation connectivity as yet. The residents of this area are demanding road/sadak facilities for so many years but uttrakhand Govt has not taken any step so far. Number of correspondence have been done since 2006 but not only 6 km road have been completed which have left incomplete in a jungle reason no budget with the Govt.
    All the nearby villages are far away by 3 km.from the road. Due to no connectivity there is no virtual development in this area. You are requested to sanction this road under PMGSY so that the poor villager of this area can get transportation immediately.
    Thanking you

    1. Sir आपको इसके लिए अपनी गाँव पंचायत मे बात करनी होगी।
      और हा! आप http://omms.nic.in/Home/CitizenPage/ यहा जाकर इसके तहत जानकारी भी हंसिल कर सकते है।

  3. m p gram sabha yujna ka karan in narsinghpur district me chicli block me richhai me hamare jammen सड़क योजना के कारण छीन ली गई है इसलिए हमारी जमीन बचाने में हमारी हेल्प करें

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